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The route is the goal

Hello everyone,

I am a German TAIKOArtist and martial arts teacher from Korschenbroich (Düsseldorf, NRW). In my home town I run the small taiko school SANDAIKO and teach KARATE and KICKBOXING in the DOJO SANDOKAN.

​My roots are clearly in the field of martial arts, because at the age of 3 my father took me to the dojo. Throughout my life, karate training was part of my everyday life and purpose in life, so that I became a karate teacher myself. Since my youth I have been teaching all age groups and levels of ability, and I have even been able to accompany a handful of students to the black belt.

In 2003 my father discovered TAIKO drumming for himself and after learning the basics of playing taiko with various groups, he finally founded his own taiko group SANDAIKO. As a son, I was of course a participant from the very beginning, but surprisingly I wasn't as enthusiastic as my father. But this changed abruptly when he gave me the management of the group after the opening of the dance school DANCE4ART in 2010. Over time, I changed the direction (focus) of the taiko school according to my own interests and began to write pieces myself (including USAGI and KABUKI).

Formative for my style were a workshop with KAOLY ASANO, leader of the group GOCOO, my time with the "first taiko group in Germany" TENTEKKO under the direction of MONIKA BAUMGARTL, my cooperation with SILKE HANZEN, the community events all over Germany (TAIKO SESSIONS) and finally the mindopener event TAIKOPALOOZA, organized by RAZZ PURCELL, with taiko artists from all over the world like KENNY ENDO, SHOJI KAMEDA, YUTA KATO and MARTIN DOYLE.


Since 2022 I decided to focus more on my main disciplines TAIKO & KARATE and handed over the management of the DANCE4ART dance school and the FITFAM gym to my brother.


  • Participant in "Cash for art" Düsseldorf (1st place/2nd place)

  • TaikoDuo & Friends concerts in Belgium & Germany

  • several performances as a guest player in Berlin with the group iki-iki Taiko

  • Tour at Club Robinson in Amade & Zürs (Austria)

  • Appearance on the KWON stage of the FIBO Exhibiton

  • Participants in Germany next Showstars (until semi-finals) broadcast on Pro7

  • ​over 100 smaller appearances at city festivals (Kaarst Total), company celebrations (Okinii) and private birthdays

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