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The taiko group from Korschenbroich

The motto of our small taiko group? The main thing is drumming! Since 2010 I've been allowed to lead this crazy group. In the meantime, we have grown together into a small family, or rather a large family, because our group consists of around 40 members.


Everyone is always welcome, whether complete beginner or full professional. Guests from other dojos are always welcome.

Taiko Duo

Silke & Benni

Originally there was only the will to explore the diverse facets of taiko more deeply and to try out as many of them as possible.

As a "by-product" of the weekly meetings, a small repertoire accumulated over time, consisting of own compositions and community songs known worldwide.


As a taiko duo we would like to present, share and pass on these complex sides of taiko drumming.

Raijin & Fujin

Josh & Benny

Josh saw a video of me on Facebook and got in touch. A few jam sessions - with other musicians - later, the idea finally developed to develop our own common repertoire.


The aim of our cooperation is to form a bridge to Western music with our Japanese instruments.

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